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ML Knightsbridge VFR400M 40 - 400VA 2 Way LED Dimmer Module

ML Knightsbridge VFR400M 40 - 400VA 2 Way LED Dimmer Module

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ML VFR400M 400VA 2 Way Leading Edge LED Dimmer Module suitable for Fire Knight, ProKnight, Valknight and FR8 LED Downlights

We can pre-fit this module into almost any style / finish plate
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AC 200-240V 50Hz, 40-400VA Rotary dimming action with push on/off function Suitable for resistive and capacitive loads Advanced sensitivity leading edge type dimmer

Suitable for dimming most types of lamps both resistive and inductive. Minimum parallel capacity: 7W dimmable LED or 40W incandescence (or 0VA) Maximum parallel capacity: 100W dimmable LED or 400W incandescence (or 400VA) or purely resistive load.

Rated value needs to be downgraded to about 25% for non purely resistive load such as dimmable LED due to the power factor (400VA of load can sometimes be only 100W)

Luminosity control: Turn the dial to adjust luminosity to the desired level. The luminosity can be adjusted within a range of min. 1% to max. 100%. The minimum percentage will vary between different brands of lamps, and is subject to a lamps specifications.

NB: Do not overload or under-load this dimmer. Check the power consumption of the lamp before connecting it to the dimmer. This product is not suitable for fluorescent lights with starter ballasts For indoor use only

Note: There is a minimum dimming level adjustment screw on the back of the dimmer that allow installer to set the minimum dimming level. This function is intended to keep the light at its minimum level without it flashing or collapsing (especially with dimmable LED or dimmable CFL). It can also be used to adjust the minimum level of dimming higher than 1% of light in order to guarantee that the light will switch off completely using the switch instead of just reducing the dimming level to the minimum.