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Galaxy Aqua 4000si White & Chrome Shower

Galaxy Aqua 4000si White & Chrome Shower

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Top end electric shower in  8.5kw, 9.5kw and 10.5kw versions with electronic option buttons and Scalemaster, Limescale protection.

This slimline unobtrusive electric shower is electronically controlled for the ultimate luxury in showering. With 9.5kW and 10.5kW options available - the power is at your fingertips.

When the stop button is pushed this automatically activates the phased shutdown feature - allowing the water to continue flowing for a few seconds, flushing all the hot water out. This feature helps to reduce limescale build-up in hard water areas. Installing this innovative model will be a decision you will not regret.

Supplied with Galaxy's new unsurpassable 'Prima' shower fittings which includes adjustable spray handset with 6 sensational spray patterns and easy rub-clean nozzles.

The Aqua 4000Si also has the added benefit of full Scalemaster Scale Protection.

Approximately 60% of the UK's population is supplied with hard water, which can have damaging results on heating elements and consequently shortens the life of your shower.
Limescale build-up of just 1/8th will reduce heating efficiency by 20%.

The Aqua 4000Si has specially coated heating elements that prevent particle adhesion and crystal build-up. An electrolytic inhibitor alters the size and shape of the crystals thus reducing their adhesive properties and allows them to be harmlessly flushed through the system.

This Scalemaster model comes with a 2 year guarantee against effects of limescale build-up.Key Features
  • Full Scalemaster Scale Protection
  • Stop button with phased shutdown
  • Fully temperature stabilised for absolute comfort
  • Low pressure neon indicator
  • Dual function push buttons for start and power selection: cold, low and high
  • Illuminated power selection indicators
  • Numbered temperature control dial for easy selection
  • Auto reset display (operates when safety cut-out is activated)
  • Multi-mode handset provides 6 different spray options
  • Handset height adjustment 530mm (22")
  • Detachable soap dish for easy cleaning
  • 1.25m (4ft) flexible hose