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BRK DS700RF RF Wireless Radio Link Base for 240V detectors

BRK DS700RF RF Wireless Radio Link Base for 240V detectors

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BRK DS700RF RF Wireless Radio Link Base for 240V detectors

The DS700RF interlink base provides a wireless interlink between mains powered smoke and heat alarms; it is quick to install and quick to link, ensuring greater output and savings. The base unit has been designed to transmit an RF signal, when the alarm attached to it senses smoke or fire. When another RF base receives this signal the attached smoke or heat alarm will also sound, eliminating the need for connection wires between each alarm.

This is also a particularly useful system to use when refurbishing or extending an existing property.

The DS700RF can be used in conjunction with any 230V smoke and heat alarms in the 660, 670, 690, 760, 770 & 790 series. With both top and side entries to accommodate cable and mini trunking installations – the PUSH-FIT connection facility allows for quick and easy fitting at installation stage (1st fix) - also enables the ability for the alarm to be detached safely from the mains power for general maintenance purposes (2nd fix).

Installed with an automatic ID coding system which can be activated by a screwdriver prevents individual alarm systems in a group of properties from interacting with each other causing nuisance alarms.


  • 10 year lithium battery back-up
  • PUSH FIT docking base system
  • Automatic ID coding
  • Multiple repeater RF signalling
  • RF transmitter and receiver in each DS700RF base unit
  • Wireless interlink for up to 50 smoke & heat alarms in the 600 and 700 series range
  • Audible & visual LED fault warnings
  • 5 year guarantee

Technical Specifications

Model number DS700RF
Description RF interlink system
Technology Radio frequency: 868MHz
Sensitivity N/A
Alarm sound level N/A
Battery type 10 year lithium battery
Operation AC/DC DC
Installation positions Ceiling, Wall
Max Number of Connected Units 50
Operating humidity 10% to 85% relative
Storage temperature 5°C (40°F) to 38°C (100°F)
Storage humidity 10% to 85% relative
Guarantee 5 years
Dimensions 140mm (Diameter) x 30mm (Height)
Unit weight 145g
Pack barcode 5022391064275
Independently Tested To
ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.2.3.2 (2010-02), EN300489-1 & -3, EN50130-4, EN60065